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Automated Muffin / Cup Cake Line

Muffin Line

Automated Muffin / Cup Cake Line

This set of machines consists of a Vibrator unit, muffin de-panning unit, Automatic moulds cleaning unit, Moulds tilting system, Oil spray unit and a depositor unit.By adding two double trolley rack ovens and two planetary mixers to this unit we can produce 6 tons of muffins per day ( 24 hrs ).

Key Features:

  • This complete system is operated through a user-friendly PLC and HMI.
  • Hygine production because no manual handling involved.
  • Labor gets reduced.
  • The product quality and consistency is improved.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance option.

Technical Data:

Model Machine Capacity (per 24 hrs) Working width Connecting Voltage Connecting Power (KW/HP)
ML-600 6 tons 600 mm 3 Ph 415 v, 50 Hz 10 / 7.5


Dimensions (mm/FT)
16110/33 2490/7.1 2070/6.8
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