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Vacuum Cooler

Cools your bread in less than 20 minutes

Vaciuum Cooler:

Cools your bread in less than 20 minutes!

Vacuum cooling technology has been developed specially for demanding application in the bakery industry. This technology beats any conventional cooling process easily resulting in drastically reduced cooling time with highly improved product quality and shelf life. In addition the evaporation of the moisture in the product completes and improves the crumb and crust of the baked products. This system improves the capacity, efficiency and quality of your entire line of production.

Key Features:

  • Highly reduced cooling time
  • Reduced space requirement in the production area
  • Gives more volume a& freshness to the product
  • Longer shelf line
  • Gives even colour to the product
  • Higher daily output
  • Reduces the baking time, energy cost, wastage & overall production time

Key Components:

S.No Name Brand Origin
1 Compressor Bitzer/Danfoss Germany/Denmark
2 Refrigeration parts Danfoss Denmark
3 Vaccum Pump Leybold Germany
4 Vacuum Chamber SU S304 Stainless Steel Jindal/Salem
5 Vacuum Detection Leybold Germany
6 HMI/PLC & other electrical system Siemens Germany

Technical Data:

Model Room Dimensions (W x L x H) Vacuum Room Volume Capacity Per batch Batch Time Ultimate Temperature Total power (KW)
VC 100 1000 x 1300 x 2000 2.6 M^3 420 20-25 min 20 degrees C 17.7
VC 200 1350 x 2000 x 2000 5.4 M^3 840 20-25 min 20 degrees C 24
VC 400 1350 x 2000 x 2000 10.8 M^3 1680 20-25 min 20 degrees C 29.5
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